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The Importance of President's Day

With President's Day right around the corner, we are reminded of the importance of honoring and remembering our leaders of the past.  With that being said, it can sometimes be difficult to convey the significance of this day, and of the role that these historical figures played in shaping our country, to your students. Should you find yourself in the classroom with the opportunity to inform our youth, we want to help out by offering some ideas for lessons to do with students to help them better understand the role of the President in a way that will hopefully be relatable for them.  Take a...

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College Ready?

The New York Times recently posted an article entitled 'Are You College-Ready?'.  The author of the article asked herself whether or not she would pass a present day mathematics placement exam administered by a local community college, and set out on a mission to answer that question.  The author, a college graduate, tested into remedial math and scored just below the cutoff level for this particular school.  As a fellow college graduate, I felt compelled to take the exam myself to see where I would fall.  The article also kindly included the 9 question exam so that readers would be able...

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A New World? Education Predictions to Watch in 2017

The new year has certainly started off with a bang!  During a time where seemingly every aspect of our country is in flux, many of us are left to wonder, how will all of this impact me?  Veterans in the field of education know that the debate over how the educational system in the United States should be run is as old as the day is long, and the latest rumblings after the most recent election indicate that this argument is still very much alive.  Knowing where to focus your attention to make sure you stay informed can seem a bit daunting, so TOC is here to help!   NPR's Claudio Sanchez has...

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MN Sub of the Month - James Best

We are proud to announce James Best as our MN Substitute of the Month! 


James was nominated by Owatonna Junior High  for continuing to “bravely” sub in their classes.  By consistently subbing, treating each student with respect and fairness, following lesson plans and leaving very detailed notes about what has happened while he was subbing, “James has made the effort to build a positive rapport with the students in my classroom and has continued to return to my classroom and many others in our building.”   While James’s favorite classes to teach are instrumental/general...

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Charter School Sub of the Month - David Crowell

TOC is proud to announce David Crowell as our Sub of the Month for Charter Schools!  Having been on staff with TOC since 2013, David continues to work nearly every day and continues to maintain a great working relationship with our charter schools.  When asked his favorite subject to teach, David said, “History.  I’ve always been a bit of a history buff and enjoy learning new things.”


Thank you David for all of your hard work!

WI Sub of the Month - Monica Janza

Our January Sub of the Month for Wisconsin is Monica Janza! 

Having maintained a 5-star rating, Monica was nominated by Thorson Elementary in Cedarburg because she is always willing to help out and sub in any area of their school and is highly respected throughout the building.  They said they “believe it is good people like Monica that help make our district one of the best there is.  Thank you Monica for all you do for the Thorson Staff and students.  We love having you here!”  Monica said that her favorite part  about working with TOC is the opportunity to substitute teach at...

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WI Districts Sub of the Month - Michael Daniels

We are proud to announce Mike Daniels as our Sub of the Month for Wisconsin from the West Bend School District.  


He was nominated by Badger Middle School in West Bend for his proactive and positive approach to teaching.  He has an incredible attitude and is consistently helping out during his prep periods, including helping other teachers or monitoring the lunchroom.  When subbing for a particularly difficult special ed class for multiple days, he tried various classroom management techniques and connected with the regular classroom teacher to discuss a...

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MN Districts Sub of the Month - Angela DeBoer

Our MN Sub of the Month is Angela DeBoer from the St. Paul School District!


As one of our permanent subs for St Paul Public Schools, Angela has done and incredible job in her positions.  Many of the schools she’s worked at consistently request her.  She has had a professional attitude and continues to provide a great teaching experience for the students she works with.  Angela says “my favorite part about working for Teachers on Cal is that the job develops me professionally as a teacher.  Since working with TOC, I’ve recognized the importance of having...

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MN Charter Schools Sub of the Month - Jeffrey Bostic

TOC is proud to announce Jeffrey Bostic as our Charter Schools Sub of the Month from Flex Academy!

Jeffrey was selected because of his positive attitude and willingness to help out.  One of our schools, Flex Academy, have noticed his commitment to educating students, building positive relationships and his contagious attitude.  At one point, when Flex Academy was short a sub, he had stepped into another class to help out on his free period without needing to be asked.  Jeffrey commented, “TOC offers a platform for me to engage with many different young scholars. The...

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WI District Sub of the Month - Larry Dobbs

Our Sub of the Month for Wisconsin for the month of November is Larry Dobbs from the Evansville School District.


Larry was selected as our Sub of the Month for our Wisconsin schools because of his continued commitment to excellence in the classroom.  Having subbed for multiple years, Larry has continued to have a very positive attitude, has been very flexible and eager to work in the Evansville School District.  He’s consistently received 5-star ratings and is requested by multiple teachers.  We are truly proud to have Larry part of our TOC team!  Larry’s...

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