School Districts

Who employs the substitutes?

​Teachers On Call employs the substitutes who work in your school or district so that you don’t have to handle payroll, taxes, workers comp, unemployment claims, etc. We start by hiring your existing pool and recruit new substitutes for day-to-day subbing as well as any specific long term needs you may have.

What type of assignments can be filled?

We fill assignments for teachers, paraprofessionals, educational assistants, and aides. Depending on the location of the district, we can also fill custodians, food service, and positions in early child care centers. We fill day-to-day, short-term, long-term, and direct hire positions.

We already use an Absence Management system, how is Teachers On Call different?

Teachers On Call is a substitute staffing partner that manages the substitute pool for the district via recruiting, screening, training, qualifying, hiring, paying, and placing substitutes. The Absence Management system is the technology where employees can enter absences, substitutes can accept assignments, and buildings/districts can view reports. Teachers On Call partners with Frontline's Absence Management system to provide schools with a complete staffing solution.

Is our district too small or too rural to use Teachers On Call?

Teachers On Call works with schools in all geographies and of all sizes. 1/4 of our school districts have fewer than 1,000 students, and 2/3 of our school districts are rural. 

How much are educators paid?

We mirror the pay scale defined by the school district.

How do you recruit substitutes?

We start with your existing pool of substitutes and utilize a variety of methods to recruit additional subs, including online resources, working with colleges, job fairs/social media, community partnerships, and working with the district.

If we partner with Teachers On Call, do you provide an automated system?

Teachers On Call partners with Frontline's Absence Management system. If a district were to partner with us, we would set them up on the the system, implement, and pay for the system. 

What kind of training do Teachers On Call employees receive?

Teachers On Call provides two training courses substitutes must take to best prepare them to work with students in a classroom. Additionally, we offer a variety of professional development courses both in-person and online to build their skills in areas such as student growth and achievement, special education, bullying recognition and response, and diversity awareness.  

Does Teachers On Call run background checks on their substitutes?

Yes, and we run a background check annually. If there are additional state screening requirements, we will also abide by those.