Big, small, urban, suburban and rural -- we partner with all types of schools in the NW

Kelly Services acquired Teachers On Call in 2017. Kelly Education partners with schools across the entire U.S. The Northwest regions are serviced exclusively by Teachers On Call.  

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The substitute shortage is forcing schools to look for new solutions to fill their classrooms.

Teachers On Call's proven success of servicing over 1,728 schools shows that our solution as a staffing partner is what schools need.

  • Substitute staffing in education is all we do - it's our niche
  • Year-round targeted recruiting and training builds substitute pools where they don't exist
  • Management of hiring, screening, and assigning substitutes relieves building administration
  • Automated absence management tracking helps streamline the process
  • Regular partnership reviews evaluate best practices and customized district solutions

Why schools in your state need Teachers On Call



​​​33% of Minnesota school districts partner with TOC to streamline substitute calling and recruiting, why don't you? Plus, we eliminate TRA, workers’ comp, liability, and wage issues for the district!



Wisconsin schools are already short on substitutes, don’t limit the hours substitutes can work due to WRS and ACA limitations. Join the 15% of Wisconsin schools working with TOC!



Many Iowa schools are seeking an innovative option for recruiting, calling and increasing their substitute pool. Regardless of size and location, our centralized service is a great solution for your community and district!

North Dakota


When substitute teachers are scarce, Teachers On Call is your solution.  We do the calling, recruiting, training and paying of substitutes to help your school succeed.

South Dakota


Don’t let low qualifications for substitutes dictate the quality of your subs. Teachers On Call recruits and provides professional development to improve classroom learning.



Is licensing, training, and the retirement system becoming too much to handle for your substitute pool? Are you short on substitutes? Find out how Teachers On Call can help!



It’s hard to fill classrooms with such a shortage in teachers and paraprofessionals. Let TOC help by recruiting 365 days a year building a pool of qualified substitutes from your community.



Are you restricting hours for substitutes? With TOC, flexible scheduling allows substitutes to work as much as they want. Are you struggling to find quality subs in your rural area? Let us recruit and build a pool via our training!



Many Idaho schools only require a H.S. Diploma to be a substitute, and still can’t recruit enough subs to cover classrooms. Our training and extensive professional development helps us recruit quality substitutes.



Washington states' schools enjoy some of the best benefits for their employees in the country.  The question is, how do you pay for the required benefits for substitutes without limiting the number of hours those important employees can work? 



Seeking a new way to handle substitute staffing? Focusing on how to best utilize the Student Success Act Bill funds, and let TOC fill your classrooms with qualified and trained substitutes.



One of the primary issues facing Alaska schools is the geography. While the wide open wilderness is breathtaking, it does not lend itself to easy recruiting. Let Teachers On Call help build your qualified substitute pool.

To learn more about our services, check out our K-12 schools page.