Current Clients

Helpful documents to provide feedback and submit staffing requests. 

Long-Term Assignment Form

Utilize our electronic long-term assignment form to communicate with us about any open or filled long-term assignments in your district. Please use the building sub form for requests that do NOT require a specific licensure/qualification. 

Building Substitute Request

Submit the building substitute form to request talent qualified to float within a school. Please use the long-term form for a substitute with a specific licensure to cover a specific classroom. 

Incident Form

Use the incident form to communicate feedback, performance concerns, or incidents involving TOC employees, and request action. 

Educator of the Month Nomination

Submit an Educator of the Month nomination to share positive feedback about excellent substitutes and staff working in your school. TOC will use submissions to select an Educator of the Month who will be recognized for their outstanding performance and positive contributions.

Report an injury

Use the Injury Report Form to report injuries sustained on assignment for workers' compensation purposes.