Early Childhood Education

Early childhood educators have an important job—and so do you when it comes to finding educators.

By partnering with Teachers On Call, you’ll have ready access to the passionate, nurturing substitute educators. 

School School

Before hiring, we ensure every educator meets state licensing requirements and is fully trained.

We pride ourselves on recognizing the qualities it takes to be a successful early childhood educator. We verify qualifications and compliance with state and national licensing requirements, while ensuring that our people are equally confident, caring, and committed to excellent child care.

  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • SIDS
  • Blood-borne pathogens
  • Mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect

Why Teachers On Call?

We Do Everything

We do all the heavy lifting of recruiting, screening, and onboarding for you.

State Licensing Requirements

You can be confident that our employees meet current state licensing requirements and are caring, compassionate, and committed to providing excellent child care and education.

Teacher, Student Ratios

We can help ensure that your center meets state-mandated teacher:student ratios.

Reduce HR Responsibilities

Teachers On Call relieves your team of all the challenges, costs and paperwork associated with substitutes including payroll costs and paperwork, federal and state taxes, unemployment insurance, workers' compensation, ACA compliance.

Reduced Compliance & Hiring Costs

We also take full responsibility for the costs and challenges associated with hiring background checks, recruiting expenses, screening costs, onboarding costs, advertising fees.

    C.M. Corner: Whisper and Erasing Techniques C.M. Corner: Whisper and Erasing Techniques

    Every day, we provide hundreds of carefully vetted professionals to centers of all sizes, including:

    • National corporations
    • Local or regional companies
    • Non-profit centers
    • Independently owned centers (no in-home care)
    • Religious organizations
    • Franchised centers
    • School districts

    Trusted by the most respected early childhood education centers

    The Creative Kids Academy

    Staff at Creative Kids Academy have been freed up to focus on enrolling students—and filling full-time teacher vacancies— because they have enough quality substitute teachers available to provide first-class service to their students. In the two most recent school years, Teachers On Call has filled 1,435 and then 1,544 teacher absences across all 10 locations.

    Child Garden Montessori

    In the first year of implementing the new talent strategy, TOC filled 1,100+ positions at the center. The next year activity jumped to 2,900+ fills, and the center was enabled to operate at its full capacity.

    Professional and efficient customer service staff

    Teachers On Call has professional and efficient customer service staff. They provide us with long-term substitutes, which helps us maintain continuity in the care we provide to the children. I would highly recommend TOC to any center or school that uses substitutes.

    Satisfied with the Service

    We are so happy with the commitment that Teachers On Call has to its staff, its clients, and to the education field as a whole. Not only are we impressed with the well-trained, professional staff that they send, we have also had the opportunity of hiring several of their substitutes.

    Set up a no-obligation contract today so that when you need qualified educators to fill in, we’re ready to go. Easy as A-B-C.