Increase Educational Efficiency

Fill your classrooms with quality, dependable educators.
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Why Teachers On Call?

With the increasing teacher shortage and decreasing pool of qualified substitutes, last-minute unfilled absences leave everyone stressed and scrambling and keep you from focusing on what matters most: your students. Let us put our recruiting power to work in your schools, and give your students the education they deserve.

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Be prepared for teacher absences.

Student learning doesn’t take the day off when regular instructors are away. Let us help you grow your pool of qualified substitute teachers and paraprofessionals through our targeted year-round recruiting. So you can have confidence in knowing that education will continue when teachers are absent. You’ll benefit from: 

  • Increased fill rates for substitute teachers and paraprofessionals 
  • Automated technology for absence management 
  • Reduced time and money spent recruiting, hiring, and managing a substitute pool
  • Well qualified individuals selected to work with your school
  • Daily detailed reporting and consultation

How it works – the easy steps to filling your classroom

You enter absences online

You enter absences online via automated technology, or call Teachers On Call. Teachers can create lists of favorite or preferred substitutes.

Substitutes login and select positions

For last-minute assignments that are not filled, TOC personnel reach out to substitutes to try to fill positions. Schools can control who’s in their building by designating “preferred and excluded substitutes” in the absence management system.

Substitutes teach per lesson plans provided

Substitute teachers perform the instructional and classroom management processes for teachers who are absent for a day or longer periods of time. In addition to daily instruction, substitute teacher duties include taking attendance, explaining homework, and maintaining classroom cleanliness.

You approve timecards

School personnel approve time cards and provide feedback to TOC. TOC handles any performance issues.

We bill you weekly

TOC bills the schools for substitutes on a weekly basis.

Would never go back to finding our own subs!

We have remained a dedicated Teachers On Call customer due to their outstanding ability to recruit and retain quality substitute teachers.  As a rural school district with low unemployment, it was always a challenge to hire substitute teachers. The TOC network efficiently schedules substitute teachers to fill the positions that best fit their interest and schedules.  We would never consider returning to the days when we had to find our own substitutes.

Great recruiting!

​​​​​​Teachers on Call has been a great recruitment/staffing tool for our district. Administration and fellow staff members get to know who the subs are and what talents they bring to the district. TOC does a great job with their hiring process so we can feel confident that whoever walks through our doors to fill our staffing needs is someone we feel confident with. We have built strong relationships with our subs and appreciate all TOC has done for us.

Smooth implementation!

Teachers On Call handled the change process from district employed substitutes to Teachers On Call employed substitutes seamlessly.  They were responsive to any district needs and were easy to work with.  I would highly recommend them!

Helpful FAQ's

Who employs the substitutes?

​Teachers On Call employs the substitutes who work in your school or district so that you don’t have to handle payroll, taxes, workers comp, unemployment claims, etc. We start by hiring your existing pool and recruit new substitutes for day-to-day subbing as well as any specific long term needs you may have.

What type of assignments can be filled?

We fill assignments for teachers, paraprofessionals, educational assistants, and aides. Depending on the location of the district, we can also fill custodians, food service, and positions in early child care centers. We fill day-to-day, short-term, long-term, and direct hire positions.

We already use an Absence Management system, how is Teachers On Call different?

Teachers On Call is a substitute staffing partner that manages the substitute pool for the district via recruiting, screening, training, qualifying, hiring, paying, and placing substitutes. The Absence Management system is the technology where employees can enter absences, substitutes can accept assignments, and buildings/districts can view reports. Teachers On Call partners with Frontline's Absence Management system to provide schools with a complete staffing solution.

Is our district too small or too rural to use Teachers On Call?

Teachers On Call works with schools in all geographies and of all sizes. 1/4 of our school districts have fewer than 1,000 students, and 2/3 of our school districts are rural. 

How much are educators paid?

We mirror the pay scale defined by the school district.

Save your district money and time, while increasing the opportunity for student success.