Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the steps in the hiring process?

Our hiring process is almost completely online and can be completed, start to finish, in less than one week!

1. Complete an online application by clicking Apply Now. Select the appropriate application link.
2. Once your application is submitted, our Onboarding team will review and reach out to you for an interview.
3. After the interview, we will provide instruction for you to complete necessary new hire paperwork and applicable trainings, as well as obtain any required education or certification documents. TOC will also submit a criminal background check at no cost to you.
4. You are hired! Complete orientation, receive access to our Absence Management system, and begin substituting!

How will we get the most qualified substitutes in the classroom?

Who employs the substitutes?

​Teachers On Call employs the substitutes who work in your school or district so that you don’t have to handle payroll, taxes, workers comp, unemployment claims, etc. We start by hiring your existing pool and recruit new substitutes for day-to-day subbing as well as any specific long term needs you may have.