Substitute Paraprofessional


  • Assist classroom teachers with tasks as requested
  • Work with students in small groups or one on one
  • Assist special education students, as needed
  • Supervise lunch, recess, and/or study hall
  • Any other duties as requested by the school


  • Manage schedule through automated system to indicate availability
  • Accept substitute assignments proactively or reactively when available
  • Model professional appearance, attitude, and demeanor
  • Demonstrate a respect and appreciation for diversity
  • Maintain student and staff confidentiality


  • EDUCATION: Dependent on state; typically requires a minimum of a high school diploma
  • CERTIFICATION:┬áDependent on state and position type; may require Paraprofessional license
  • Must have ability to read, write, and communicate in the English language fluently and effectively.
  • Must have ability to follow oral and written directions and have the ability to establish effective working relationships with staff and children.