Substitute Food Service Worker


  • Assist in providing food service preparation and services to students, and other kitchen related duties, under the direction of School personnel
  • Follow all food safety and storage rules
  • Follow all established sanitation procedures
  • Operate all mechanical kitchen equipment correctly and safety
  • Assist in money and meal accountability
  • Cooperate with the School staff to provide a positive and inviting dining experience for students and faculty


  • Be available on an on-call basis to accept daily, weekly and/or long term opportunities
  • Follow through with scheduled assignments
  • Schedule non-work days through the Aesop automated system when you are not available to work
  • Must model professional appearance, attitude, and demeanor
  • Follow sign in and sign out procedure, as prescribed by School
  • Work at all times under direction and supervision of School's full time, professional staff
  • Report any safety concerns or faulty equipment
  • Report all personal injury or school property damange or theft


  • Must have at least a High School Diploma
  • Must have ability to read, write, and communicate in the English language fluently and effectively.
  • Must have ability to follow oral and written directions and have the ability to establish effective working relationships with staff and children.