Webinar - Best Practices for Working with Students with Executive Function Skills Deficits

Executive functioning skills deficits can include a range of behavioral symptoms that change how a person regulates emotions, thoughts, and actions. It most commonly affects people with specific mental health disorders, including ADHD and mood disorders. A person with EF skills disorders might struggle with planning and organizing, sequencing and prioritizing, meeting deadlines, regulating emotions, switching between tasks, being impulsive and making rash decisions, and being mentally flexible in their thinking.  Besides just learning about and understanding these skill deficits, you can follow best practices for working with students with EF skills deficits.  Join this new webinar in the Best Practices Series and find out how to support students who struggle with these skills.

This session will be held on Tuesday, May 21 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm Central. 

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This is a voluntary, unpaid professional development opportunity provided for Kelly Education and Teachers On Call employees.