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MN Districts Sub of the Month - Angela DeBoer

Our MN Sub of the Month is Angela DeBoer from the St. Paul School District!


As one of our permanent subs for St Paul Public Schools, Angela has done and incredible job in her positions.  Many of the schools she’s worked at consistently request her.  She has had a professional attitude and continues to provide a great teaching experience for the students she works with.  Angela says “my favorite part about working for Teachers on Cal is that the job develops me professionally as a teacher.  Since working with TOC, I’ve recognized the importance of having respect for the teacher.  I’m an honorary guest and making the most of the time with students as I never know if I will see them again or not.  TOC has helped me keep it real with students, and to be flexible about my schedule and assignments.”  Angela said that AVID, a middle school elective class offered to prepare students for four-year colleges and universities, is her favorite subject to teach.  She enjoys the curriculum and “working with the students who want to learn and have a teachable attitude”, teaching them “to use their minds to improve the quality of life for themselves and others”. 


Congrats again Angela.  We are proud to have you on the TOC team!