Substitute Performance Submission

Thank you for utilizing our online Talent Performance Form to report performance concerns, incidents, and/or exclusion requests. If you would like TOC to communicate with an employee about policy reminders (i.e. tardiness or cell phone use), or you wish to exclude him or her from a classroom or building, please submit this form as soon as possible. This allows us to process your request in a timely manner and address opportunities to improve future performance. 

After submitting this form, if you need immediate removal of a substitute employee, contact our office and request to speak with a Talent Advisor. They will address additional questions or concerns.

We love to hear positive feedback as well! If you would like to recognize TOC talent for their outstanding performance in your school or district, please submit a nomination for Educator of the Month.

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Please provide a specific description of the feedback, performance concern, or incident that occurred. TOC will schedule a conversation with the substitute about how to improve their performance in the future. Additional evidence pertaining to this occurrence can be emailed to for review.
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What action would you like Teachers On Call to take?
Note: any time feedback is reported to Teachers On Call, a staffing coordinator contacts the substitute to have a conversation about the reported feedback and to provide reminders of policy or additional coaching/training.