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Job Description - Substitute Teachers and Paraprofessionals

Job Duties (Teacher)

  • Effectively manage a classroom of students by keeping them on task and dealing with any behavioral issues
  • Assume all duties and responsibilities of the absent teacher as assigned
  • Follow lesson plans left by the regular classroom teacher
  • Supervise and ensure safety of students during classroom hours
  • Maintain a positive learning environment
  • Leave feedback and notes for the regular classroom teacher about the day
  • Supervise non-classroom duties when assigned
  • Willingness to be flexible to complete duties unrelated to original assignment

Job Duties (Paraprofessional)

  • Assist classroom teachers with tasks
  • Work with special education or regular education students in small groups or one on one
  • Take precautions to ensure the safety of students/staff
  • Supervise lunch, recess, and/or study hall as needed
  • Work cooperatively with all school staff
  • Assist with self-help skills, students with mobility issues, bathroom/changing assistance, or other developmental delays
  • Any other duties as requested by the school

Job Expectations

  • Be available on an on-call basis to accept daily, weekly and/or long term opportunities
  • Follow through with scheduled assignments
  • Schedule non-work days through the Aesop automated system when you are not available to work
  • Must model professional appearance, attitude, and demeanor
  • Must demonstrate an appreciation of diversity
  • Must be able to maintain student and staff confidentiality


  • Flexible schedule — work as often as you want, manage your own schedule (no limit on hours per week)
  • Weekly Pay — get paid every Friday for the hours you worked the previous week
  • 401K
  • Opportunities in a variety of settings and classrooms
  • Online training opportunities
  • Bonus opportunities
  • Competitive pay — we pay what each district pays
  • Gold Star Reward Program for regular working Substitutes

Skills and Specifications

  • Teachers: Must hold a valid MN Teaching License or a Short Call License
  • Paraprofessionals: Must have at least a High School Diploma, but qualifications vary by district and many require a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Must have ability to follow both oral and written directions/instructions
  • Must have ability to communicate effectively through both oral and written means

How to Apply

  • Apply here!
  • After you have submitted the application, a staffing coordinator from Teachers On Call will contact you regarding next steps.