Long-Term Assignment Form

Teachers On Call has a team of staffing specialists dedicated to meet long-term absence needs.

Please fill out the appropriate fields below to submit information regarding your filled or unfilled long-term absence. All long-term absence requests should be reported to TOC as soon as possible. It can take 4-6 weeks to recruit, onboard, and place a qualified candidate depending on license requirements. After completing this form, a specialist will contact you to confirm the details of the long-term absence and answer any questions concerning your request. 

Please direct changes and/or inquiries related to this request to candidates@teachersoncall.com. Thank you!

We've updated our form! Read through carefully, some questions/options have changed. 

School Category
Are you the appropriate contact for this position?
Our team will provide updates via phone or email. 
Position Type
You can review acceptable absence reasons in your district’s absence management account. If you are unsure which reason to use, please contact the your district's HR team for assistance.
Employee Type
Employee Type
Grade level/Subject Area
Any state/district required qualifications
Example: EBD, autism, cross-categorical, etc. 
Have you already selected a substitute for this position?
Teachers On Call will place candidates with the correct licensure and qualifications, in accordance with state and district regulations.
Standard District Long-Term Pay Rate/Schedule
(if no, what is the pay rate being offered for this Long-Term assignment?)
Is the substitute responsible for attending conferences?
If yes, list dates
Is the substitute expected to work in-service days?
If yes, list dates
Are there pre-arranged lesson plans available for the long-term substitute?
Is the substitute responsible for creating lesson plans?
When finding the right match it is helpful to know school specifics and additional requirements (examples: technology requirements, foreign language skills needed/helpful, student demographics, etc.)

We’re adjusting to the current market and taking a more proactive approach to candidate placement (and seeing more success as a result!). Talent are interviewed pre-hire with TOC and because we always guarantee your satisfaction, we place talent with confidence, eliminating the need for you to review resumes or conduct separate interviews. If for any reason you're not satisfied with the experience we will continue to work to find someone more suitable. We’ve found the longer and more complicated the process, the higher the likelihood a candidate accepts a role elsewhere.

TOC selects and assigns the candidates for this position