Permanent Paraeducator


To assist, support, and work closely with supervising district/school teachers, administrators, and other team members in providing educational benefit for special education students.

Dependent upon assignment, but always under direct supervision of District/School employees, this role may be working directly in a special education classroom, working in a general education classroom or environment, and/or working one-on-one with a student or small group of students. There are multiple positions open throughout all grade levels - let us know which school/grade level is best suited for you!

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TOC Permanent Paraprofessionals work at all times under direction and supervision of District/School professional employees. District/School employees are responsible for developing curriculum, planning instruction, evaluating academic and behavior progress, developing goals and objectives, providing day-to-day supervision of the TOC Permanent Paraprofessional, ensuring classrooms are adequately staffed, and communicating progress to parents.

TOC Permanent Paraprofessional provides classroom assistance to special needs students and to the assigned District/School teacher, who has ultimate responsibility for designing and implementing educational programs, activities and services.

In this role supporting the Special Education environment, the TOC Permanent Paraprofessional may be required to physically move or touch a student as part of executing their responsibilities. In the event TOC Permanent Paraprofessional is assigned to a special needs position where the job requires physical contact—that employee must be certified in restraint training and that contact must be age-appropriate, must be performed at the direction of or under the direct supervision of District/School personnel, and must be directly related to the duties of the position and/or situationally appropriate.

School Type
Position Type
Permanent Paraprofessional
Bonner Elementary
Grade Level
  • Meets state requirements for education qualifications.
  • Ability to lift materials and supplies, as well as assist in the implementation of an instructional support program with students of varying ages and sizes.
  • Has effective organizational, communication, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Must be able to follow oral and written directions and have the ability to establish effective working relationships with District/School staff and students.
  • Maintain student and District/School personnel confidentiality.
  • Endeavors to understand and respect the values and traditions of the diverse cultures represented in the community and in the classroom.
  • Manifests a positive role in District/School and community relations.
  • Such additional qualifications to the above as the District/School may find appropriate and acceptable and as agreed upon by TOC.
  • Dress in a safe and appropriate manner as described in the TOC Standards of Professional Conduct.
  • Must successfully complete TOC special education training (and District/School specific training, if applicable) before starting any special education paraprofessional assignments.