Webinar - Best Practices for Using Prompting and Fading Techniques - Autism Awareness Month

The term “prompting” refers to providing assistance or cues to encourage the use of a specific skill. Prompting is a technique that makes learning much easier for children with autism. It works well for just about any subject or skill you are teaching. Prompts are a teaching tool that we add to a situation to increase the likelihood of our student responding correctly. For our students, our goal is independence.  We don’t want them to need these prompts forever. We want our learners to be functional and functional is independent.  A prompt can be anything you find effective, and that the student responds to. Prompts are always given before the behavior starts. In other words, if the student is already completing the skill or task, a prompt is not needed – though positive reinforcement might be appropriate to encourage the behavior in the future.

We will be holding this event on Thursday, April 25 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm (CST) and is accessible through any computer, tablet or smart phone. This course is open for any current Teachers On Call staff or applicant.  After completion of this course, completion letters will be issued via email, which may be submitted for CEUs.  

This is a voluntary, unpaid professional development opportunity provided for Kelly Education and Teachers On Call employees.

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