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Frequently asked questions:

How do I request a substitute?

Centers can enter assignments in two ways:  (1) Online - using the Absence Management portal or (2) Calling TOC - a great option for last-minute assignments or positions with special requirements.

What is Absence Management?

Teachers On Call partners with Frontline Technologies to offer an online portal called Absence Management, to assist substitutes in knowing about and selecting available positions.  This greatly facilitates the filling of positions in a timely manner.  This easy-to-use technology is made available to our centers and is included in our fees at no additional expense.  We will assist your staff in training on this portal as a part of the onboarding process.

Can I request a specific sub?

Yes.  While we cannot guarantee the availability of any specific substitute on a given day (it is up to them to choose when and where they work), we will reach out to specific substitutes when requested by a center and do our best to accomodate your request.

What if I need to cancel a position?

We request that you call us and let us know as soon as your needs change.  If you are requesting to cancel a same-day assignment, we ask that you call BEFORE 6:15 a.m. to ensure we can notify the sub with enough lead time for them to change their schedule.  If the sub arrives at your facility prior to our receiving notice of your request to cancel, you will still be billed for our minimum 4-hour charge.

What type of sub assignments can be filled?

We fill assignments for Teachers, Assistant Teachers and Aides.  We fill day to day, short-term, long-term and direct hire positions.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Who employs the substitutes

Teachers On Call is the employer of record for all substitutes and we handle all employee-related filing and paperwork including payroll, workers comp, unemployment, ACA compliance and liability.

Can we hire TOC subs to fill open roles on our staff?

Yes provided you follow the guidelines set out in our contract which include minimum tenure at TOC and in some cases a placement fee.  Contractual requirements:

"The Center agrees that TOC expends significant resources to recruit, interview, and screen each candidate.  In the event that the Center hires a TOC substitutue on a temporarty or permanent basis, whether directly or indirectly, or through a subsidiary or related facility, the Center agrees to pay a placement fee to TOC if the substitute has completed less than 850 hours of service at the Center's facility while in the employ of TOC.  The Placement Fee whill be in the amont of the equvalent of 20% of the annualized pay the Center has offered the substitute."

If they have not reached 850 hours, you will work with you to calucate an appropriate placement fee.