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FREE Training Opportunities for Current Employees

Spread the word - Teachers On Call is offering FREE online training opportunities for all current employees! We know that the service you provide as a substitute educator is vitally important to students, parents, and teachers in your local schools. We want to best prepare you to be effective in your role as a substitute teacher or substitute paraprofessional. Choose from trainings in one or more of the areas listed below to expand your substitute toolkit!

  1. Classroom Management
  2. Teaching Strategies
  3. Special Education
  4. Para-Educator

Each 4-hour training is delivered online through STEDI.org, and consists of audio/video clips, slideshows, and interactive assessments. You can take each course at your own pace using personal login credentials provided once you register. The trainings offered will soon be optimized for viewing on a mobile device or tablet (in addition to a regular computer or laptop).

If you are a current substitute employed with TOC, we encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities by emailing your course choices to Selena Dawson at sdawson@teachersoncall.com (MN subs) or Annie Padovese at apadovese@teachersoncall.com (WI subs).

New substitutes for TOC become eligible for free training upon hire - it's a great way to prepare yourself for the classroom as you accept your first assignments. Apply online today to begin the TOC hiring process!