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College Ready?

The New York Times recently posted an article entitled 'Are You College-Ready?'.  The author of the article asked herself whether or not she would pass a present day mathematics placement exam administered by a local community college, and set out on a mission to answer that question.  The author, a college graduate, tested into remedial math and scored just below the cutoff level for this particular school.  As a fellow college graduate, I felt compelled to take the exam myself to see where I would fall.  The article also kindly included the 9 question exam so that readers would be able to test out their own knowledge.  While math has never been my strongest area, I think it's safe to say that my score would not have granted me admission to this particular school. It could be that i'm simply out of practice, but I'd prefer to believe that they're just making those tests more difficult!  Take the quiz and find out where you'd fall by today's standards.