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What are the steps in the application process?

  1. Apply online at www.teachersoncall.com.

  2. Once your application has been received, a member of our Onboarding Team will reach out to you regarding next steps.

  3. We will submit a mandatory background check and request references from you depending on your qualifications.

  4. We will then ask you to fill out certain online documents for employment including W4, direct deposit, I9 Form, and other common employment forms.

  5. Start substituting! 

      If you experience difficulty with any of these steps or have general questions, please call Teachers On Call and ask for any Onboarding Specialist to help you. 

How do I log back in to an application that I started in the past?

You can log in to a saved application by clicking on the “Employee Portal Login” link in the upper right corner of the Teachers On Call homepage. Enter the user name and password you created, and then you will be able to proceed with your application. If you do not remember the login information that you created, you can utilize the “can’t access account link” feature or contact the Teachers On Call office where one of our staff can lookup your information.

(MN Applicants ONLY) What does acknowledgement of the Unemployment Insurance Notice mean?

The Unemployment Insurance Notice, requiring a signature as a part of your new hire paperwork, might be confusing. Signing this form does not, in any way, waive your rights to file for unemployment insurance if necessary. The purpose of this form is to notify you that as an employee of Teachers On Call, you must be actively searching for work in order to qualify for unemployement.

If I have previously been employed with a school district that is transitioning to Teachers On Call, do I have to complete the entire application process?

Unfortunately, when a school district enters into a partnership with  Teachers On Call, some important government document need to be completed again. Since we are a separate company, we cannot transfer the information the school district has on file over to our system due to privacy laws. We strive to make your transition as seamless as possible. As a former district employee, you will only need to complete an abreviated onboarding process.