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About Us

Teachers On Call has been making a difference in schools and centers since 1999. In September 2017, Teachers On Call was acquired by Kelly Services® and became a part of Kelly Educational Staffing®.  We provide substitute education professionals to over 100 school districts throughout  Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as over 150 charter schools and early child care centers in the Twin Cities metro area.  As a result of our success, we are now expanding into schools and districts in Iowa.

We partner with Frontline Technologies to combine the power of the Absence Mangement (Aesop) System with the substitute staffing solutions of Teachers On Call. We use our knowledge and expertise to connect qualified substitutes with the schools that need them, and we provide ongoing and personalized support for all parties.

Substitutes Any Time was formed as a division of Teachers On Call in 2014 to offer the same substitute staffing stragegies and solutions to schools in Arizona. 


Our Vision: To better the classroom learning experience, one substitute at a time

Mission Statement: Dedicated to improving the substitute staffing process by recruiting and providing caring, motivated, trained substitute educators to schools, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children

Our Values:

Growth: We invest in the development of internal resources to support the expansion of the client base

Innovation: As stewards of change, we are focused on turning challenges in solutions

Relationships: We succeed or fail together, and value collaboration

Service Excellence: We are proactive in providing quality and individualized service

Integrity: We conduct ourselves and our business with the highest standards of professional behavior; we are honest and ethical in all interactions



Meet our Staff!

Substitute Services & Job Placement:

  • Maya Burnaugh - Substitute Services & Job Placement Team Manager
  • Becky Roider - Substitute Services & Job Placement Assistant Manager 
  • Annaliese Burnham- Substitute Services & Job Placement Team Lead 
  • Cristina Vang - Long-Term Sub Specialist 
  • Kaite Miller - Permanent Subsitute Specialist 
  • Travis Chapman - Substitute Training Specialist
  • Amy Bever - Staffing Specialist
  • Mena Lor- Staffing Specialist  
  • Ashley Rogers- Staffing Specialist
  • Kailie Turner- Staffing Specialist
  • Carissa Buetow- Staffing Specialist
  • Alyssa McKnight- Staffing Specialist 
  • Felicia Lo- Staffing Specialist 
  • Tressa Dvorak- Staffing Specialist   
  • Courtney Duff - Staffing Specialist 
  • Chelsey Mounger- Staffing Coordinator  
  • Matt Trujillo - Staffing Coordinator
  • Carmen Sisk - Staffing Coordinator

Onboarding Team:

  • Leslie Egner - Onboarding Team Manager
  • Lucy Bernard - Onboarding Team Lead
  • Tavia Maddox - Onboarding Specialist
  • Amy Maraisane - Onboarding Specialist
  • Jonathan Gamache - Onboarding Specialist
  • Tannieh Saydee - Onboarding Specialist
  • Hayleigh Horin - Onboarding Specialist

Recruiting Team:

  • Megan Jurek - Recruiting Strategist
  • Maranda Brown - Recruiting Lead
  • Patrick Cook - Recruiter

Early Child Care Staffing:

  • Minny Kouanechao – ECC Staffing Director
  • Rebecca Selser - ECC Staffing Coordinator
  • Stephanie Serakos - ECC Staffing Coordinator
  • Lauren Burns - ECC Staffing Coordinator
  • Emily Penz - ECC Staffing Coordinator (Greater Milwaukee area)


Client Services:

  • Caitlin Clark- Client Services & Implementations Senior Manager
  • Abby Strack - Client Services Manager
  • Stephanie Czarniak - Client Services Manager
  • Nicole Berrien - Client Services Manager
  • Bree Maddox - Client Services Manager
  • Selena Dawson - Client Services Manager
  • Debbie Hoople - Client Services Manager
  • Liza Schwab - Client Services Manager

Administrative Team:

  • Kelly Armstead - HR Associate
  • Crystal Morrow - HR Associate

Communications and Marketing:

  • Bhoranie Seide - Social Media assistant

Accounting and Payroll Team:

  • Carol Meagher – Accounting & Finance Manager
  • Paulette Okerstrom – General Accountant, Financial Analyst
  • William VanHoose - Payroll Supervisor
  • Courtney Okerstrom - Reconcilling & Payroll Assistant, WI
  • Dyana Okerstrom - Reconcilling & Payroll Assistant, MN
  • April Adamson - Reconcilling & Payroll Assistant
  • Tracy George - Reconciling Specialist


  • Al Sowers, Vice President, Practice Lead
  • Luanna Hacker – Vice President, Sales
  • Lesley Hacker – Director of Business Development
  • Angel Graves – Director of Human Resources & Administration

 School Sales:

  • Lesley Hacker - Director of Business Development, School Sales, Wisconsin
  • Wayne Gilman - Strategic Sales Consultant, School Sales, Minnesota
  • Jim Kocian - Senior Sales Representative, School Sales, Iowa