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Sub of the Week - Nick Pazandak

Nick Pazandak has been selected as the Minnesota Public School Team’s sub of the week! He has impressed us since the first day he started subbing! He was sent the welcome letter in the early afternoon and he immediately called and picked up a job for the same day! He has been busy subbing ever since with exemplary work ethic. Every phone call we have had with him, he has been friendly, respectful and willing to jump in and help out!

Nick’s favorite part about working with TOC is “each phone call to the office, every question I've had, and any flex needed in my...

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TOC Giveaway!

Enter for a chance to win 1 of 2 copies of the new 8th Edition of the Substitute Teacher Handbook-  the most comprehensive, research-based handbook available for those who step into the classroom on a temporary basis. This handbook has more effective classroom and behavior management skills, more teaching strategies to use in all situations, better ways of being prepared and professional, and best of all, twice (2x) the number of activities to use with students who finish early, whole class activities when the lesson plans aren't left by the permanent teacher, and...

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Sub of the Week - Bassirou Faye

Bassirou Faye has been chosen as the Charter School Sub of the Week.  Bassirou has been described by many schools as the perfect para.  He is very kind and patient with all of the students he works with.  We appreciate his ability to be adaptable in any situation!

Bassirou’s favorite part about working for Teachers on Call is the flexibility in the schedule and the opportunity to work in different schools which means a variety of experiences and meeting more and more people.  His favorite subject to teach is Math because it helps the kids to learn how to think very...

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Sub of the Week - Shondrea King

Our Early Child Care team has selected Shondrea King as Sub of the Week because she is a great permanent sub with TOC, shows incredible flexibility with assignments and is personally requested by many of our Centers.  Shondrea has also directed new subs to ECC as we continue to grow our team of substitutes.

Shondrea likes working with TOC because she enjoys seeing the different learning styles that centers use and the likes having the variety of being able to go to different centers.  Working with preschoolers is her favorite part of the job as she gets to see them...

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Sub of the Week - Laura T.

Our Sub this week was selected by the WI Team and Kosciuszko Elementary in Cudahy, WI. Laura T. has been nominated because of her excellent classroom management skills, willingness to help out, and her great rapport with the students and faculty. Laura is amazingly flexible, kind and patient and is a wonderful addition to Kosciuszko! Congratulations to Laura T., TOC thanks you for your hard work and dedication!

Sub of the Week - Jim Madsen

Our MN Team selected Jim Madsen as this week’s Sub of the Week.  He was nominated because he is all around GREAT! Jim is always willing to help out and is such a great asset to our pool of subs. We couldn’t ask for a more flexible and willing teacher!

Jim’s favorite part about working with TOC is all of the great students he gets to work with! He greatly enjoys working in the schools in his area because of the great staff and how incredibly supportive and inclusive they have been.

Congratulations to Jim, TOC thanks you for your hard work and...

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National Boss's Day

In honor of National Boss's Day, our Teachers On Call Staff would like to wish Kim Howard, Teachers On Call Founder and President, a very happy National Boss’s Day! Without her innovative ideas, hard work and dedication, we wouldn’t be able to work with all of you, our wonderful Substitutes and Schools. Thanks for all that you do, Kim!

Sub of the Week - Charles Stanislaw

This week’s Sub of the Week works in our Charter Schools for the Metro Area.  Charles Stanislaw was nominated because he is extremely flexible and always willing to take jobs whenever presented with them. He has a passion for teaching art, and always goes above and beyond in the classroom.

Charles’ favorite subject to teach is art, as he has a background in it and he is licensed to teach art in 2 states and 3 countries! One of his favorite parts in working with Teachers On Call is utilizing the Aesop website because it gives him the choice of when, where and what he...

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STEDI Giveaway - Apple Watch and Other Great Prizes

As one of the substitute teachers or paraprofessionals  in the Teachers On Call community, you are greatly appreciated! We know you work hard to be your best. Thank you for all you do for our students in our schools. We know that it is a challenging assignment, and we appreciate you being ready to take over when the permanent teacher is gone. 

We invite you to participate in the SubWeek Giveaway sponsored by STEDI.org. Register here: STEDI.org/Giveaway You will have a chance to win an Apple Watch and other great prizes! 

Sub of the Week - Albert Von Haden

Our Early Child Care Team has nominated Albert Von Haden for our Sub of the Week. Albert was chosen because he is very flexible, picks up last minute assignments, is friendly with both students and staff, and has been an overall great sub with the centers he has worked with.

Albert’s favorite subject to teach is music! When asked what he likes most about working for TOC he replied, “The variety of different places and working with different age groups”.

Congratulations Albert! Thank you for all your hard work!