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About Us

Teachers On Call has been making a difference in schools and centers since 1999. We provide substitute education professionals to over 90 school districts in Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as over 150 charter schools and early child care centers in the Twin Cities metro area.  We partner with Frontline Technologies to deliver the power of Aesop with the substitute staffing solutions of Teachers On Call. We use our knowledge and expertise to connect qualified substitutes with the schools that need them, and we provide ongoing and personalized support for all parties.

Substitutes Any Time was formed as a division of Teachers On Call in 2014, to offer substitute staffing solutions in Arizona. The successful model that has been serving Teachers On Call’s schools for so many years, will now make that same difference in Arizona schools.


Mission Statement: Teachers On Call is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and finding quality substitutes in a timely manner who will be an asset to our schools or centers, to ensure the educational needs of students are being met.


Meet our Staff!

Substitute Services & Job Placement:

  • Megan Jurek - Substitute Services & Job Placement Manager
  • Natalie Lanners - Job Placement Team Lead
  • Maya Burnaugh - Substitute Services Team Lead
  • Cristina De La Torre - Staffing Specialist
  • Annaliese Burnham - Substitute Services Coordinator
  • Rebecca Roider - Long Term Placement Specialist
  • Travis Chapman - Staffing Specialist
  • Monica Kao - Substitute Services Coordinator

Recruiting, On-boarding, and Training:

  • Kellie Amos - Recruiting, On-Boarding & Training Manager
  • Leslie Egner - On-boarding Team Lead
  • Lucy Bernard - On-boarding Specialist
  • Zong Lee - On-boarding Specialist
  • Selena Dawson - On-boarding & Project Specialist
  • Todd Robertson - Recruiting & Training Assistant
  • Maranda Brown - Recruiting Assistant

Early Child Care Staffing:

  • Minny Kouanechao – ECC Director
  • Crystal Morrow - ECC Assistant Director
  • Kristin Weiss - Staffing & On-Boarding Specialist


Client Services:

  • Brittany Bybee - Client Services Manager
  • Cailtin Clark- Implementation Manager
  • Abby Strack - Client Services Specialist
  • Stephanie Rigdon - Client Services Specialist
  • Samantha Broders - Client Services Specialist
  • Nicole Berrien - Client Services Specialist

Administrative Team:

  • Laura Elder
  • Charlese Frizzel

Accounting and Payroll Team:

  • Carol Meagher – Accounting & Finance Manager
  • Paulette Okerstrom – Payroll Supervisor
  • Courtney Okerstrom
  • WIlliam VanHoose
  • Dyana Okerstrom
  • Denise Wilson


  • Kim Howard – President/CEO
  • Luanna Hacker – Vice President
  • Lesley Hacker – Director of Business Development
  • Angel Graves – Staffing & HR Generalist
  • Larry Fox – Director of Operations & Service

Charter School Sales:

  • Sallyanne Stanton